In this blog I will try to describe a variety of topics, including discussions of particular images in some detail. No attempt will be to be overly technical in the discussions, but in general tell a little about the subject, the techniques used to capture the subject, and information on the printing process and print. I hope this information is of interest to provide extra information to those who would like to know more about a given subject, technique, or image. Of course, feel free to contact me, or just give me a call. Enjoy!

I will also use this blog to provide first hand notices of new images when they are available, locations, exhibits, and general topics of interest.

The Sandias: Albuqueque’s Icon ©

August 9, 2016

This image was created to commemorate the Albuquerque TriCentennial and the Closing Ceremony held October 6, 2006, which followed an 18-month City celebration. The unique battery-powered LED lights on Sandia Crest were only operated the evening of October 6 under special arrangements. Continue reading


Newspaper Rock

June 30, 2016

Newspaper Rock is a Utah state monument featuring a 200 square foot rock panel carved with over 650 rock art designs, thus forming one of the largest known collections of petroglyphs. Continue reading